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Amazing Women of Power on Air Button

Raven is an Amazing Woman of Power herself. Recent interviews include Oscar Winning actor Lou Gosset, Jr., The Temptations Nate Evans, and upcoming interviews with Florence LaRue of the 5th Dimension and Motown’s founding publicist Allen Abrams, to name just a few!  You will also hear from experts such as Lisa Sasevich, Ali Brown, and from the popular movie The Secret, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracey, Joe Vitale and more!

The Amazing Women and Men of Power Network broadcasts only positive programming with show topics ranging from Spirituality, Family, Empowerment, Inspiration, Motivation, Health, Beauty, Finance, Business, and Careers in addition to the metaphysical, law of attraction and short upbeat spots of music to make your day the best it can be. Plus celebrity interviews and round table discussions.

Raven International is excited to announce a special Best of the Amazing Women & Men of Power CD set will be available for purchase in time for the holidays.  The Best of CD Set will include some of the world’s best known thought leaders and motivators like Brian Tracey, and also include the very best shows from the wide range of hosts now broadcasting on the network.

Power Broadcasting network

The Amazing Women and Men of Power Broadcasting network is proud to provide not only a network venue for our hosts but training as well.  Each month a special AWOP Elite Mastermind mentorship is held with all hosts in which Raven shares her techniques and tips for success, using the power of your voice.  Joined by Grammy Award Winning Music Engineer and Master Marketer Khaliq Glover who also shares his tips for success, these calls give AWOP hosts the skills to monetize their shows and products.  Going even further, hosts on the AWOPTalk247.com network receive training and information on how to grow their businesses in addition to improving their hosting techniques.

Be sure to tune in to the Amazing Women and Men of Power Positive Programming Network via http://www.awoptalk247.com – just click the on air button.  Programming is also available via ITunes.

Raven Blair Davis along with her program director Peggy Knudson is thrilled to have a platform that focuses on positive programming, all day long creating positive energy for positive results. Tune in for new original programing every day at 9AM CT

Amazing Women of Power Celebrates One Year on the Air


Former CNN CBS radio personality, celebrity interviewer and award winning talk show host Raven Blair Davis aka. Raven The Talk Show Maven celebrates the One Year Anniversary of the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network. Amazing Women of Power was pre- launched on September 14,

Canoga Park, CA – October 10, 2012 – Former CNN CBS radio personality, celebrity interviewer and award winning talk show host Raven Blair Davis aka. Raven The Talk Show Maven celebrates the One Year Anniversary of the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network.

Amazing Women of Power was pre-launched on September 14, 2011 and celebrates its one year on the air Wednesday, October 10, 2012.  Amazing Women of Power has grown from broadcasting Raven’s vast vault of shows to adding a dynamic lineup of hosts from around the world including Malaysia, Australia and Canada.  Going beyond Amazing Women, Raven International positive programming network has added an Amazing Men of Power line up that airs each Friday.

Raven Blair Davis celebrity interviewer, speaker and former CNN talk show host is the founder and creator of Amazing Women of Power. She is the popular host of two award winning Internet Radio shows/Podcasts: Women Power -Radio and Careers From the Kitchen!

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