Due to the COVID19 pandemic, students and recent graduates are finding it hard to find jobs or internships or any opportunities to advance their careers. They end up spending all their time playing online games or streaming seasons. Knowledge is as good as it is practiced. They end up forgetting the skills they have acquired or become so hopeless about future prospects that they stop valuing their existing skills. Many students have, in turn, developed mental health issues due to the stress of the isolation and lack of opportunities brought upon by the pandemic.

However, we must remain confident that the age of the IT and internet will provide a way out. As everything else has moved to the virtual sphere, so have new opportunities for students. If you are looking for an internship, you now have the option to do it online. This actually opens up new opportunities that were not available hitherto. Without having to spend on the cost of travel or rent, students can work in organizations in distant places within or outside their own countries.

Virtual Internship Fields

Virtual Internships provide online internships and remote working experience to young learners across the world. Virtual internship platforms offer affordable international internship programs across Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America.  

Simply put, virtual internships are a type of work experience that is performed digitally and remotely rather than in person with an employer.

Students can find multiple portals through which students, particularly those interested in IT and Computer Science,  can find IT internships and other career opportunities. These websites offer remote internships in almost all fields, including: 

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Business Administration & Start-Ups
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Education & Youth Development
  • Engineering
  • Environmental & Marine Sciences
  • Law & Human Rights Support
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Psychology & Social Work

Equipment needed

To carry out your internship, you should have: High-speed internet connection, a computer, a video camera, headphone/earphones
Employers usually do not provide equipment to interns in virtual internships.

Cost: The internship cost for internships applied on VI platforms is on average:
100 hours (3 weeks full time, or 5 weeks part time): $948
250 hours (8 weeks full time, or 12 weeks part time): $1,348

350 hours (13 weeks full time, or 17 weeks part time): $1,648
However, some internships applied directly to the company are paid as well.

How to Apply?  Find the role best for you, prepare your CV, send in your application, if shortlisted you might have to appear for an interview, wait for an offer! 

A Plus Point for IT students

Happy young woman undertaking a virtual IT internship

Since students of tech-savvy fields only require their computers as the core equipment for learning, virtual internships put them at a benefit. Employers assign them tasks through analytics software, and they can learn along the way. This might be difficult for students who are not used to spending their days in front of the screen. Students whose field requires them to learn technical equipment in industries such as engineers might not get the hands-on experience from a virtual internship. However, for IT students virtual is as hands-on as it gets. Selected participants spend their summer break writing code and learning about open source development and much more.

Getting a job out of a virtual internship

Most employers traditionally use internships to recruit for their graduate programs, either by offering interns a graduate job at the end of the internship or by expediting them through the graduate recruitment process. Is it possible to have the same experience with virtual internships?

This question has a mixed response. Some recruiters continued to use internships as a form of selection, perhaps with an additional evaluation phase included (such as another interview). Others don’t, so it’s safe to assume that they also inspired outstanding interns to apply for graduate positions.

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