Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is considered by many to be the holy grail of décor. It’s beautiful, durable, low-maintenance, and timeless. These beautiful pieces are also more sustainable and very unique, the nature of reclaimed teak outdoor furniture means that no two pieces ever look exactly the same. So, if you’re considering purchasing a piece, what do you need to understand?

Rare wood species

Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is a very rare type of wood that has been used in décor and structures for centuries. The tropical hardwood is native to the forests of Asia and can be found throughout Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. In modern times the wood is now grown throughout many countries of the world. It is highly sought after because it is very durable once it has matured, but it takes a long time to grow! Over time the number of these trees has been depleted and they take a long time to replenish and so this tree has become very rare and very expensive. As a result, many people are now turning to reclaimed teak outdoor furniture.

The history of the wood

All the way back in the 1700s, it was common to use teakwood in ships because it was found to be highly water resistant and resilient against rot and decay. As a result many old vessels carry a large amount of this wood. It was also used in home, painting frames and on floors. Over time this wood has been reused in new and interesting ways because it holds up very well over time.

Extremely hard

outdoor furniture

Teakwood is known for being extremely hard which makes it a very popular choice for décor. Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is great as it’s so dense it holds up very well in a range of environmental conditions.

What are the characteristics of the wood?

Teakwood is well known for its grain which is very dense and usually looks golden to medium brown. The wood is known to darken in colour, turning grey over time. Sanding the wood will usually bring back its golden colour. It’s beloved for being able to keep water out due to the timbers oil retention. This wood is also famous for being very rot resistant and it is also known for being highly resistant to termites and other pests, making it ideal for use on the patio. Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture lasts a very, very long time and is a great choice for outside because it is durable and lightweight enough to withstand the elements.

The wood is also very popular because of its texture which is quite course and slip resistant, perfect for rainy days. It’s also a favourite for many who love the industrial look in their home, because the wood greys and becomes more weathered over time. It looks great with black and metals.


teak outdoor furniture

Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is made from reused teakwood taken from old structures. This is a much more sustainable source than felling trees.

Maintaining the décor

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s very easy to maintain! It’s naturally very resistant to staining and generally spills only need to be cleaned up with a cloth. A light dusting will keep it looking good all year-round and you should avoid using special timber oils on it, as sticky oils can encourage fungal issues. Whilst it’s capable of withstanding rain and snow, you should try to keep it out of extreme hot and cold temperatures as this can cause it to warp or crack.

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